Sunday, November 17, 2013

Progression in Game Plan 3

Upon looking at my Game Plan I noticed that their is so much room for improvement.  To began I need to find more resources to help with developing my post.  The internet has so much information that can be used to help develop a progression in a game plan.  The course reading discussed how doing a instruction teachers need to clearly communicate your expectations of what students should do before, during, after their computer time before they actually get there" (Cennamo, Ross, Ertmer, 2007  p.102).

As far as my objective I have been looking at different podcast programs that are free to use for students.  This way this project can be done in the classroom and the students who do not  have a electronic device they can still participate in this project.

In goal two I learned of  a recent website that is good for teacher to support educatorw in creating curriculum with place as the  context, service learning as the strategy, and sustainability as the goal.  A feature of this site is "learning about a diverse and dedicated community of educators and a robust set or tools for sharing ideas and examples of work in the field? (Community Work Institute, 2013, p.1).


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Community Work Institute, CWI.  (2013).  A Network for Support for Online Learners.  Retrieved : .

I also use the tech resources that Dr. LeBeau posts in our discussion threads each week.  I do need to focus more on appropriating more technology that I can have at my beck and call whenever I need it for my students.
My goal on joining learning communities is a bit more difficult.  I currently am part of this wonderful Walden comm

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  1. Hiraman,
    Could you clarify your activity and assessment for me? I think the use of podcasts is a fun idea and I would love to know more about the objectives you have. What are you asking the students to make podcasts about? How are you integrating your standards to the project? I have used Evernote before as an easy way to capture student comments. Postcast Machine is another one that was fairly easy to use. My experience with incorporating technology is that if I do not put it in front of the student population that I have, they do not complete the activity. What are you discovering?